Pump Power Rental Ltd paves the way with addition of QAS 5 Model Generators

Pump Power Rental becomes the first company in the UK to invest in Atlas Copco’s QAS 5 200kVA Generators. We strive to be at the forefront of the generator industry adapting to EU Stage Vs engine emission standards in 2019/2020.

The QAS 5 Model offers to the construction, events and industrial sectors quieter operation, smaller footprints, reduced engine emissions, faster plug-and-play paralleling, enhanced fuel economy, 24hr autonomy and lower total cost of ownership.

The QAS 5 boasts a significant reduction in noise levels, being on average 5-8 dBA* quieter than comparable generators. This lowers noise by up to 1/5th, depending on application and load profile. The acoustic performance comes as the perfect choice for noise sensitive environments, such as metropolitan construction sites and events.

We know our customers like to move equipment around on site which is why we chose to invest in the QAS 5 Model as it offers footprints up to 20 per cent smaller than any comparable generator. This makes them easier to transport and position on site, thereby creating safer working conditions.

‘Plug and Play’ a common principle used when it comes to generators, but the QAS 5 can actually deliver on that promise. Equipped with multiple sockets (up to 8), a terminal board and optional power locks, the generators can be powered up within five seconds.

The QAS 5 means savings in operational costs. Equipped with a power management system that enables optimisation of fuel consumption.

We will continue to invest in products that pave the way for a more efficient and cleaner future for our customers.

To find out more about the exact technical details of the new generators then please see our Atlas QAS5 200kVA  spec sheet.


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