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Hydraulic driven Submersible Pumps added to fleet

Pump Power Rental provides a wide range of pumps for portable temporary applications and in a lot of cases a Diesel driven surface mounted pump will be used

But when you have an application where you need to pump deeper than 8.5 meters and you don’t have electrical power on hand you need a specialist piece of kit a “Diesel Driven Hydraulic Submersible Pump”

Pump Power Rentals have added these units to their fleet, a Super Silent Diesel Powerpack drives the submersible pump end, this combination allows our customers to pump down to approx 30 meters with a standard pump and up to 70 metres with the High Head versions, we also have a screw type pump end for slurries and stringy material

Should you have a difficult pumping application we may be able to provide the solution, please contact Pump Power Rentals so that our experienced pumping technical staff can guide you through the process so that you get the right pump for your pumping project