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Pump Power Rental offers its customers a unique proposition the power to supply a complete solution for their pumping projects
For many years’ customers have asked why can’t they source all the equipment needed for their projects from one supplier “that would make it so much easier for them” we understand that one supplier simplifies Delivery logistics, achieves efficiencies in administration and reduces downtime when service support is required in short helps our customers reduce costly confusion
Our staff and management team understand that there are many varied pumping challenges which require a wide range of equipment, Diesel driven surface mounted pumps, Electrically driven surface mounted pumps, Electric Submersible pumps, Diesel driven hydraulic submersible pumps along with a full range of accessories Tanks, pipes, hoses and fittings for pumps, Cables, Variable speed drives, level control’s, telemetry and distribution panels for the Generators
We understand having such a wide range to stock is not enough on its own, we also have superb experience and commitment 24/7 to support the products with dedicated technical sales and service technicians who have many years’ experience supplying customers these products on many of the most demanding projects throughout the UK
Other companies have offered multiple product ranges but failed to offer specific support for all the products believing staff and managers can be a “jack of all trades”
Pump Power Rental take a different approach we believe having dedicated technical sales and dedicated service support staff for each of the product lines we offer is the right way to support our customers and sets us apart from the rest
Our management team have vast experience providing quality products and service and believe a fully committed, straightforward and honest approach is the only way to deliver outstanding results for our customers
Please contact us to discuss your next pumping project we will be happy to advise you and guide you through the process delivering an exceptional complete package for your project

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