Industrial pumping solutions

Industrial diaphragm pump in a sump setting

Pump Power Rental  has extended its range to include standard duty air driven double diaphragm pumps. They are constructed in cast iron and aluminium materials and are ideally suited for intermittent/on-demand portable moderately abrasive fluids and suspended solids.

We also hire stainless steel versions of the air driven double diaphragm pumps to pump chemicals and acids. These pumps are more resistant to corrosion than the aluminium and cast iron versions.

For particularly specialist applications we also stock non-metallic air driven double diaphragm pumps made from PTFE, Polypropylene and PVDF, which are ideal for chemical and food processing applications.

With this wide range of diaphragm materials available to suit different applications we offer a free consultation service so that we can provide the correct pump for your specific pumping requirement.


Pumps are only one element of our industrial pump solutions. It is essential that we stock high quality hoses to compliment our pumps. Pump Power Rental has invested in premium quality 20 bar rated certified high pressure flanged hose, this hose is  suitable for use in Atex zones 0, 1 and 2 there anti-static by design not reliant on earth bonding to the fittings. They are suitable for oil , water , sludge as well as dry bulk material movement.

We also carry a stock of hoses for acid and chemical applications fitted with stainless steel flanges which are suitable for 90 percent of all chemical and acid applications.

In addition we also supply a range of nitrile gaskets along with nuts and bolts to connect the hoses.

Wide range of application sectors and uses

Refinery Maintenance

Food & Drinks Processing

Chemical Processing

Environmental Remediation

Industrial Tank Cleaning

Pipeline Maintenance

Waste Management

Liquids & Oils Transmission

Pump Power Rental are a flexible, innovative and customer focused rental company,. We are willing to work with you on special projects and source other non-core equipment to provide solutions for your applications. Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can better understand how we may help you